Men’s- $299
Women’s- $299
Advanced Junior’s- $159
Lil Rippers Rides-$95 (Ages 12 and Under)
           This group will have shorter rides, group activities, and will be having a lot of fun in the woods! Ideal for ages 6-10. 
Friday Fundamentals Class- $25
          This is a special class designed to help you get up to speed and build your confidence with a slightly smaller coach to student ratio. It is entirely in the field at the camp to cover things like bike set-up, body positioning, and to help cover the foundational skills necessary to build with for the weekend.  If you aren’t feeling 100% confident about the larger classes for the weekend, this is a good way to get ahead beforehand.  

Registration Schedule

May 1st- May 14th: Special Registration for Returning Students

June 1st- 30th: Early Registration to Sign up, have peace of mind that made it in for the next year, and don’t have to worry about it until you show up at camp

September 1st-March 1st: Open Registration


Registration is a fluid process based on groups of 12 and camp limits of 80 total students. When registration opens for the first date, there will be 2 groups open for women, 1 group open for men, an advanced juniors group, and a lil rippers group. Once a group fills up and wait list will open. Once that wait list hits 6 students, a new group of 12 will be opened up and they will be moved into that group.  That will repeat until that date fills to maximum occupancy.  Once that camp fills to full occupancy, permanent wait lists will form for students that can only attend on that date. Then wait lists for another mens group, womens group, advanced juniors group, and lil rippers group will open up on a second date. Once they fill up, the second date will be opened and the whole process begins again. This allows us to offer the appropriate spots for who needs them.


Registration is available at



Refund Schedule

Up to 1 Month from Camp = 100% Refundable

Up to 2 Weeks from Camp = 50% Refundable

Within 2 Weeks from Camp = 0% Refundable

*Registrations are Nontransferable