Skill Builder Camp

This is the traditional Michaux MTB Camp, which is focused on giving experienced riders modern MTB skills instruction for riding trails. This camp is perfect for the person who wants to start taking their trail experience to new places over four sessions. With lower student to instructor ratios we’ll then spend time doing field exercises and drills in the mornings to work on your  techniques for tackling obstacles and features you will find on trail. After lunch each day we will head to the trails to put the morning practice to the test on the trails of Michaux.



April 18-19, 2020




Resident program from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon with four sessions ranging from 3-4 hours


8:1 Student to Coach

What to Bring
– A working, recently tuned up mountain bike
– Your camelback and trail kit with all the cool essentials: tube, hand pump, multi-tool, plug kit, snacks, water, etc.
– Your normal mechanics travel kit for things you need: bike wash, bike lube, spare derailleur hanger, tire sealant, etc.
– Warm Riding Clothes (add an extra layer to your bag for while we session and practice)
– All your normal street clothes
– Toiletries
– Extra Warm bedding for in the bunk house
– Any specialty items you need to make your stay comfortable

Whats the Riding Like?

The Michaux MTB camp is a fun communal experience where you get to ride new challenging trails and make new friends all while being fed at regular intervals! We will use the fields and trails of the camp for practicing techniques through repetition and drills. The trails we ride to are a 20 minute climb away in the Michaux State forest. They are full of rocks that you have to go up-and-over, as well down. It’s challenging terrain, but that’s what we are learning to ride. A 2hr ride here might only get you 5-10 miles unlike the 10 to 20 miles you might get from a two hour ride elsewhere.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Line Choice
  • Riding onto and off of obstacles up to 12 inches off the ground.
  • Drops at a variety of speeds
  • Riding Logs
  • Rock Gardens
  • Advanced braking control





Registration and Availability

Camp has filled to capacity pretty reliably in the past. Wait lists are served by registration date.

Registration is available at


Open registration for camps. Groups are sorted and instructors are assigned based on pre-registration questionnaires and on site assessments to best fit students to instructors. Students can opt for non-coed groups during pre-registration.

Refund Schedule

Up to 30 Days from Camp = 95% Refundable (~$20 for Cancellation)

Up to 14 Days from Camp = 50% Refundable

Within 14 Days from Camp = 0% Refundable

*Registrations are non-nontransferable. 

*Note- fees are not refundable

Sample Schedule: 


7:30pm- Check-in Open

7:30am- Breakfast
8:45am- Staging for Classes and Welcome Meeting: Group Selections will be based off of pre-camp questionnaires and feedback from initial coach assessment
1:00pm- Staging for Classes
5:00pm- Dinner (We’re pulling out all the stops for a great meal!)
7:00pm- Instructor Q and A:  Open format question and answer session with all the instructors. Come prepared with a handful of questions to ask them. Everything is on the table from training, racing, and traveling to equipment and team selections.  We’ll keep it up until all the questions are answered or 9pm at the latest. 

7:30am- Breakfast
8:45am- Staging for Classes
1:00pm- Staging for Classes
4:00pm- Open Departure